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Candy Crush Saga Level 21-25

Candy Crush Saga Level 21-25

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LEVEL : 21

You’re about to be introduced to meringues. These require that you make a match besides them to unlock the square on the grid. Try to make a giant striped candy to clear this level – that’s a wrapped candy with a striped candy. Do you know your special combos? Could be time to revise with our combo cheat sheet!

  • • In this level you need to make a match next to the meringue blocks to unlock them.

  • • Try to combine a stripped and wrapped candy to form a giant stripped candy to clear out the blocked of parts.

  • • Make as many combos as possible to unlock the meringue faster.

  • • Then it will be easier to destroy the jelly underneath.

LEVEL : 22

Focus on clearing the layer of meringues on the bottom for this level, don’t worry too much about where the ingredients are. By the time you’ve cleared that barrier, you may have even got the first cherry down. As with all ingredient levels swap into a 4-candy-match with an upwards or downwards movement to make a vertical striped candy in the same column as an ingredient, then activate!

  • • In this level focus on getting the bottom layer of meringue unblocked.

  • • Don’t worry about the fruit because they might already be halfway down to the bottom by the time you unblock a path.

  • • Try to make lots of combos in this level; it will save you time and moves.

  • • Try focusing on one side at a time to maximize your moves

LEVEL : 23

The three columns of meringues all have double jelly underneath. Your first priority is to make any vertical matches you can in the columns without the meringues to unlock the spaces, then you’ll have more candies to work with. Try to clear one or two meringues on each move, then make any combos you can to clear the remaining jelly.

  • • In this level you need to clear the meringues and the jelly underneath.

  • • Make vertical matches to help you unlock the jelly.

  • • Try and make combo candies or vertical stripped candies and horizontal to help eliminate those jelly blocks.

  • • When you get down to less moves focus just on clearing out the jelly and not so much the combos.

Candy Crush level 23 is located in the Lemonade Lake episode of Candy Crush Saga. Lemonade Lake is the 2nd episode in the game. To beat level 23, you must clear 3o double jelly squares and score at least 60,000 points.

For a new Candy Crush player (which you probably are if you are on this level) this is a quite tricky level. You have 5 rows of meringue that are blocking the jelly squares.

To beat this level, you want to focus on clearing the meringue as your first priority. Try and only make moves that are adjacent to the meringue. Every move you make, should clear some amount of meringues.

 Once you have cleared these meringues, work on clearing all the jelly on the board. You should really play from the bottom of the board on this level (and 99.9% of all levels) so you can clear more stuff at the top.

Also be on the lookout for special candies and special candy combo opportunities. If you can get a striped candy/wrapped candy combo, they will work very well on level 23.

LEVEL : 24

This is a straightforward ingredient level, with just two ingredients to get. Try to move the ingredient on the far left into the middle if you’re having problems bringing it down, and as with all ingredient levels, a vertical striped candy will clear the path to the exit immediately.

  • • In this level you need to bring the ingredients down to the bottom.

  • • Try making vertical stripped candies to clear rows faster dropping ingredients to the bottom.

  • • Remember to always work from the bottom.

  • • This will help ingredients to fall farther towards the bottom.

LEVEL : 25

There’s a row of licorice X blockers covering a layer of meringue, and the meringues have jelly underneath. To clear the licorice blockers, you need to make a match with the candy underneath. Striped candies will cut through the block, so of course, setting a horizontal striped candy off on the row of blockers is ideal. Other than that, just focus on the bottom, an pick at any problem area as best as you can, even if it means just using 3-matches from time to time.

  • • In this level you notice a row of X blockers covering jelly and meringue.

  • • To clear these blocks you need to match the candy that is underneath.

  • • Stripped candies and wrapped candies will cut through and blow up blocked off pieces as well.

  • • Utilize as many power ups as possible.

  • • Try to make combo candies such as the giant stripped candy to clear out left over jelly.

  • • Work near the bottom by the obstacles you don’t want to waste moves clearing them out.