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How To Get The Shadow Blade

To get the shadow blade you must go to arcade mode. This may take a while to get some don't get mad if you don't get it the first time. Alright in arcade mode you must get exactly 204 fruits sliced. Then you must get 5 combos while getting 204 fruits. Then don't hit any bombs (while getting 204 fruits). The you should get the other 10 by just getting 200 fruits. After you get all those added up they should equal 234 fruits.

Blade Unlockables

The new updates for Fruit Ninja include some pretty good unlockables for you to earn while playing.


  • · Bamboo Shoot : You have to play the game for 5 days in a row without stopping, and do it in Zen Mode. If you play the full game, you get the bamboo shoot.
  • · Butterfly Knife : It's a pretty blade, and you can earn it by simply getting 40 combos that include at least a single strawberry in each one.
  • · Flame Blade : This hot blade can be earned, but it's all in the timing. You've got to start just before the timer ends, and make a combo cut AFTER the timer ends. Like I said, it's all in the timing.
  • · Ice Blade : Brrrrr. This chilly blade can be earned by slicing twenty frozen bananas when playing in arcade mode.
  • · Mr. Sparkle : The sparkly blade is possible with a little luck in what gets thrown up in the air. You just need to cut three pineapples IN A ROW while you're playing in classic mode
  • · Party Time : This is for strawberry lovers - you'll need to cut every single strawberry while playing in arcade mode. But the tricky part is, you can't slice anything else. It's strawberries or nothing.
  • · Piano Blade : All you need to do is slice 100 criticals to unlock
  • · Pixel Love : You can unlock pixel love by cutting 50 combos while playing in classic mode.
  • · The Shadow : I'm not sure why this is called "The Shadow", but it's not to tricky if you know what you're shooting for. Get a score of EXACTLY 234 and you've got it.