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Oceanhorn walkthrough - Chapter 1: Finding the Great Forest

In our first Oceanhorn guide, we'll take you through the opening act of the game, as we hunt down the first elemental emblem.
In this chapter, we'll get our boat, sail off to the first few islands, find some bombs, get a magic spell, and cross a giant desert.
In this guide, we'll mostly focus on the main adventure, so you won't find out about heart pieces, bloodstones, or other side-quests here. We hope to cover that stuff in future guides.

oceanhorn guide 01

We start our adventure on Hermit's Island. Our first job is to follow a mysterious floating necklace into a cave on the other side of the island. Follow the stairs down to the beach and go over the bridge by the hermit.

oceanhorn guide 02

Cross the other beach, and use pots and your stick to beat up enemies. Reach the north-east side of the island and enter this cave.

oceanhorn guide 03

When you get to the locked door, turn left and wander down the corridor until you come to this area. Push the box onto the pressure plate to open the gate to the treasure chest. Open it, grab the key, and go back to unlock the door.

oceanhorn guide 04

Stand on the pressure plate to open the gate. Wander on through and up over the bridge.

oceanhorn guide 05

Place the two flaming pots on the two pressure plates to lower the blocks. Grab the necklace; open the chest to get your sword and shield; and flick the switch on the left to open a path to the exit. Take the ladder back to the surface.

oceanhorn guide 06

Push the crate into the water and walk down to the beach. Open this chest to get ten coins, and then go back to the hermit to watch a cutscene. After that, go back to your tent and go to bed. In the morning, return to the hermit.

oceanhorn guide 07

Beat up these mechanical monsters with your sword. Talk to the hermit when you're done. You'll then see another cutscene about the locations of the three emblems.

oceanhorn guide 08